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Talk radio is rife with talk of unfairness and the want of a playoff. As for the unfairness, I say bull. No other team deserved to be in the championship game than the two that were there. There might have been equals, but none more deserving. And as for the playoff: It ain’t gonna happen, get over it.

There is a sure-fire way to fix college football without a playoff though, and that is through the Super Conference concept, in which the top 25 teams each season must play a specified number of games against one another, and in which the only teams eligible for to win the national championship are those 25 teams.

Each season the bottom 5 teams in the super conference drop out to be replaced by the next top 5 ranked teams. This season Notre Dame would have dropped out. To be eligible for championship contention again they would have to play their way first back into the super conference. The super conference concept would ensure a level playing field for all teams vying for the championship, and give us the best option under the rules we have now for deciding the champion of college football.

The conferences wouldn’t have to change. The bowls wouldn’t have to change. Everything could remain the same; all you would do would rearrange the schedules so that teams would play different, better, competition.

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