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Oklahoma is doing a good job of making me want to tear my ears off and seal my head in styrofoam. Boomer Sooner is by far the most irritating fight song in college football, if not the most irritating sound in all of sport. Worse than the cow bells in Mississippi State, worse even than the Yankee’s commentator. And they play it incessantly. Incessantly. As in: “Hey, it’s third and nine, crank up the band!” and: “Why, look, we just ran for six inches on second and eleven, let’s get the band going!!”

Now, being an Alabama fan, I have my hatreds. There’s Auburn and Tennessee, of course, but thank God we don’t have to play Oklahoma, or I might just boycott the game. At least UT has a decent fight song, even though it’s a hated thing to hear on the 3rd Saturday in October. If it sounded anything like that bumping, annoying, insanely repetitive turd-bucket called Boomer Sooner I don’t think I could bear to listen. Texas fans, I sympathize for you, because the Red River Rivalry on a losing day (like today) would be similar to being disemboweled for heresy in medieval Europe while listening to the friar fart in your ear. When it comes to the RRR showdown each year, the Longhorns have my undying support.

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