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You know what the thing about U.Meyer is? He’s not a winner. He’s a w-i-e-n-e-r. Sure, you can tell me he won the National Championship, but I can easily counter with the fact that he did it with Ron Zook’s players. There’s one thing about it: Zook, as maligned as he was by Gator Nation, had class and was in the process of building a champion. But Gator Nation doesn’t want class, they want wiener. And it’s for that reason alone that I find myself in support of Gator opponents, including last night’s bout with LSU. And I have to tell you, it was sweet to see Urban’s lips pucker like he was about to burst into tears. I haven’t seen the post-game interview yet, but I’m sure it was framed with such inventive gems as “Losing sucks.”

This is all very surprising to me, because in spite of Gator Nation’s cries during the Zook tenure to “get back to playing Florida football,” I can remember what Florida football really is. Gator Nation didn’t want to get back to Florida football, they wanted to get back to Spurrier football, because Steve Spurrier was the first rflorida-offense-dial.jpgeally successful coach the Gators ever had. And plus, I actually like Florida. I thought Zook had the team running in the right direction, despite the infamous “fireronzook.com” website that booted up practically the day of his hiring. Zook’s doing well in Illinois–good for him. How will Urban do? That’s still left to be shown, of course, but in his third season he’s enduring the first losing streak of his career (at 2), losing to Auburn and the #1 team in the nation, LSU. The thing that should really be distressful to Gator Nation, however, is the fact that Tebow is accounting for 98% of the offense. They have no running game except from the QB slot. How many running backs are going to want to play for a coach who won’t let them run?

I’m sure it’s not all that bad. Urban will benefit from the tradition Spurrier left him, the players Zook left him, and the rich recruiting pool in Florida. In that way, he might just win despite himself, but it’s going to be interesting to watch, either way.

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