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Okay, I’ve signed up for the FanU sports-specific social networking site, and I am not only underwhelmed but mildly aggravated. It’s an interesting concept, but they’re shoving their sponsor (Alltel) in my face at every turn. That idiot ‘Chad,’ the Alltel spokesperson (who is supposed to be the cool one in those commercials) is automatically added to your friends list when you sign up and you can’t delete him! So I’m alienated right up front, immediately.

I like the idea of merging the users polls but then when I look at the poll it looks like people were copying from the AP poll. There’s nothing surprising on it, anywhere. And the poll itself, the one you’re supposed to be able to modify and submit, is a pain in the ass to manipulate. You have to select teams from a drop-down menu that lists ALL the teams, and then select from another drop-down menu where you want them ranked. It would take HOURS to do this.

Also: there’s no option for adding more teams to your favorites list. I’ve got about a dozen teams that I watch, and it would be nice to be able to add them all to my favorites page so I can keep up with them. They could put stats on there, maybe even have a fantasy page so I can keep up with the players on my fantasy team. But for now it looks like you get the one team and that’s it. You can change that team, but you can only have one team at a time.

I don’t know, I may look at it some more, but for right now it looks pretty lame. If you’re in it and you think it’s grand I’d love to know why, and if you want to friend me there my handle is Houndstooth.

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