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Les Miles Sucks

Hey, one more note on the Houndstooth front, and nothing that should surprise anyone: LSU’s Les Miles is a big, fat boob. I know you LSU fans are tired of hearing it, but it’s about to be said again: Les has won with Nick Saban’s players. He won the national championship with Nick’s players, and now his true colors are coming out; with his own players, he can’t get it done. Not that I’m really eager for LSU to fire Miles, no, as an Alabama fan I’d rather them keep him around as long as possible. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching LSU suck for years to come. If they did hire a new coach though, and the new coach happens to be a fireballer…well; at that point LSU might once again be a contender. If Nick Saban was the LSU coach this year they’d win the national championship going away. Going away.

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