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Brett Favre Comeback?

To all the ESPN “experts” who said there was no way he would come back, that he was done: well, I told you so.

Favre, 38, has yet to give written notice of his retirement to the league or players’ union.


Citing NFL sources, the Times reported Thursday that Favre has been quietly talking with teams about their interest in trading for the three-time NFL Most Valuable Player.

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I’m not saying this retirement is a smokescreen, but I have been thinking about it.

We know Farve was disappointed when the Packers failed to sign Randy Moss before New England snapped him up. We also know that Brett can be temperamental and is prone to the occasional tantrum (ain’t we all?). I can’t help but think that Brett might have been thinking this season that Moss might have been the one thing that Green Bay needed to push them over the top. That maybe, just maybe, the records that Tom Brady was shattering during the regular season could have been his (along with all the career records he burst along the way), and also, that it might have been possible that if Moss had come to Green Bay, he would have found a way to win the Super Bowl. All this is just speculation, of course, but it’s not much of a stretch for me to believe that he could have seen the Super Bowl and thought, “Hey, if that’d been me, I’d have won the game.”

And how coincidental was it that Brett retired the day after his coveted free-agent WR signed his contract to remain a Patriot? Much?

All I’m saying is that I would not be surprised to see Favre playing next year. Not in Green Bay, though. If anything, this retirement was from Green Bay. It might have been from football, sure, I’m just not convinced yet. So who would benefit from the grizzled vet who’s never missed a game in his football career? There are plenty of teams who need a proven QB, but I don’t think Brett would go to any team without a 1-year contract worth at least about 10-million guaranteed. And it would have to be a team that was right there, a team that just needed the one key component, a gunslinger, to run the O.

I’m not saying it will happen, I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it did.

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We lost our chance to see history tonight. Damn. Not that I was pulling for the Pats for any other reason. In fact, if history had not been in the making, I would have been fully on board with the underdog, so, having no emotional attachment to either team, I’m tickled the Giants won. Still, it would have been nice to see history made, with the added bonus of seeing the collapse of all the hopes and dreams of the overly boastful and utterly insufferable 1972 Miami Dolphins (excluding a few). 

Little Eli has come into his own. It wasn’t a perfect performance, but it was perfect when it needed to be. It’s going to be fun watching him play, to see if he becomes the Next Great Quarterback. At the beginning of the game there was an interesting moment when Eli ran past Brady and patted him on the back, smiling boyishly, with an expression of genuine good will. Brady responded with a severe glance and a slow nod. And then the kid won the game.

Brady is still one of the greatest of all time, but this game went a long way in showing exactly what makes a great quarterback. If the O-line could have kept the Giants D off Brady, the end result might have been different. It might have been the same for other great quarterbacks who never won the Super Bowl: Kelly, Marino, Fouts…When it counted, the Giants O-line did what it had to do to let Manning operate. That was the difference in the game.

Belichick is likely the most classless individual to ever coach in a Super Bowl. Leaving the field with a second left when it was obviously done…it’s easy to say that he got what he deserved: a big, fat, Giant “L.” From that perspective alone it is pleasing to see the Giants win. I never saw anything negative from any of the G-men’s players or coaches. No, the only bad performance was from Bill the boss. Glad he got taken to the woodshed, I am.

The most disturbing thing of all to me was in imagining the roster of the ’72 Dolphins cheering when the Patriots lost. Talk about classless. The story would be a lot different if, in their recent interviews, at least one of them could have stepped up and said something positive about the Patriots’ potential accomplishment. But no, all they could do these past weeks was talk about their own accomplishments, and defend their manifest right to occupy the highest pillar of football accomplishment alone. Well, you got your wish, Dolphins, the Pats lost. Now if only you’d been a bit more diplomatic I might still have some respect for you. As it is, I have lost respect for you and your accomplishment. Congrats.

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Mercury Morris just stated (whined) in an interview on ESPNEWS that the Patriots are “Really close to equaling what we did in 1972,” meaning accomplishing an undefeated season in the NFL. But actually, Mr. Morris, if the Patriots win tonight they will effectively surpass what you did in 1972. This is exactly why I hope the Patriots do win tonight; because I really want the ’72 undefeated Dolphins team-especially Coach Don Shula–to shut up already. Right now they’re whining that winning 19 consecutive games in the NFL is no more difficult than winning 17 consecutive games. An absolutely preposterous statement which simply proves their snobbish elitism.

Morris even goes so far as to point out that “He knows what it means to be undefeated, but you don’t.” He’s speaking to the interviewer, of course, but you get the feeling that he’s talking to all of us, the entire nation, and telling us all that he is better than we are. All the Patriots are on the cusp of doing, according to him, is learning what it means to have a 1.000% winning percentage.  

I know one thing–the best way to galvanize this nation of fans against you is to keep mouthing off about how great you are, or in this case, were. If the Patriots do finish undefeated, and humbly accept their trophy and thank the fans, then they will quickly be given the key to the number one spot in history of the NFL and the ’72 Dolphins team will be subjected to the royal back seat. They won’t even have an argument any more, because this nation of fans will give them their assignment. Sure, they can still pop their champagne corks every year in celebration of themselves, but the fans will pop their corks in honor of someone else. Quite possibly the New England Patriots. In reality, the ’72 Dolphins have never really been embraced as one of the greatest teams of all time, despite being undefeated. They’ve even been called “a team without superstars.” Yes, they did manage to win 17 straight games, but they didn’t win 19, and get ready boys, because if the Patriots win tonight, you’re going to hear that for the rest of your lives.

But I’ll make one accede one point: if the Patriots lose tonight, there’ll still only be one undefeated team in NFL history, and the Dolphins will still be able to pop their corks every year as the only ones to accomplish the feat. But if the Pats win, move over Miami, because you will have been bested.

It’s a good thing it’s the Dolphins who are doing all this complaining (whining). Being in South Florida they won’t have to go very far to find an equally disgruntled group of elderly folks. Then they can all combine forces and grumble about whatever unfairness they like. 

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Don Shula, Proud and Pathetic

The Don is making news, most notably by announcing that if the Patriots go undefeated the mark should have an asterisk beside it. You know, because of their cheating (now referred to as spygate). Because the Don never cheated, or at least, was never caught cheating. These are the words of a bitter old man, disgruntled again because there’s actually a chance that his beloved precious record might be broken this year. Yes, I said broken, because if the Pats go undefeated they will have won at least 17 games; the 72 Fins were 14-0. 

Truthfully? I think this is just more backlash about son Mikey getting fired from Alabama. Don would have us believe that Saban was waiting in the wings, watching for Mike to get fired so he could swoop in, destroy the Dolphin’s dreams and wreck his son’s life. Anyone who knows anything about the situation knows this is not true. So what’s the relationship to the Patriots? Well, Bill Belichick, the Pat’s head coach, was Saban’s mentor and they are still friends. Bill even wrote the foreward to Nick’s book: “How Good Do You Want To Be?”

So, the distorted triangle comes into view, with hatred spewing from Don Shula to all points except the one he’s standing in. He hates the threat of the Patriot’s potential and he hates Nick for his (imagined) malicious smear campaign against his son Mike. Senility at its finest.

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So Peyton Manning and the Colts blow their lead in the 4th quarter to the indomitable Patriots–should anyone be worried? Not really, in my opinion. Sure, the dreams of an undefeated season are over for Colts fans, players and coaches, but if you’re looking at the big picture, losing to the Pats today might have been the best thing that could have happened to them this season. The Pats are undefeated and have a head full of steam, and they might potentially have some invincibility issues, especially later on, if they keep this streak alive. And why is that important? Because, as per the norm these last few years, the Colts and the Pats will be there in the postseason, and will likely be meeting again. And it’s awfully difficult to beat a team twice in one year. Suppose the Pats do get the big head and continue to win games by such staggering margins as they have this year (until today). Suppose the postseason rolls around and they wind up playing the Colts again and have the “we beat them before” mindset. This could play right into Tony Dungy’s hands.

No team has had a better chance to go undefeated during the regular season since the Dolphins did it back in ’72 (it was ’72, wasn’t it?) than the Pats this year. But what good is an undefeated regular season if you don’t win the Super Bowl? Not much good at all. Rest assured, if there’s any one team in the NFL who matches up well with the Pats this year it’s these Colts, and I’ll bet you anything they’d rather win the Super Bowl than this regular season matchup. Do they wish they’d won this game? Sure they do, but if they meet again and this loss somehow gives them an edge and then they repeat as Super Bowl champs, then it will have been well worth the loss. And frankly, if they’d’ve won today, I’d be writing this post about the Pats increased chances of getting to the Super Bowl rather than the Colts. These two teams are virtually guaranteeing that neither one will go undefeated this year. We’ll see.

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saints.jpgIt’s bittersweet to see Shaun Alexander lose, and I don’t hate the Seahawks, but the Saints are my team and they were due a win. I’d like to add that with 4th and 3 in the fourth qtr Holmgren opted to try a run up the middle on a run that would’ve been successful if only he’d been running with Alexander. A comeback at that point was unlikely anyway, being down 18 points, but at least Shaun would’ve given them a chance. Too bad.

Geaux Saints!!

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