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Tim Brando understands that not everyone likes him, that some people are really, really going to dislike him. He knows that. He said so on the Paul Finebaum Show last Monday. What he didn’t say, but became apparent during his rant, was how much he really hates everyone who doesn’t belong to his elevated social class. But that’s okay, because last week he said as much on his own radio show, the ever-dull Timmy B show.

This is all very interesting to me because I used to support the guy. I genuinely thought he was a decent guy. I thought he had a crap show and was generally incompetent, but I thought he was a decent guy. Until Monday.

For starters, he attacked–on his own show–a blogger who made a tongue-in-cheek reference to Brando’s toupee and placed Brando at the top of his “Top Ten Media Wackos” list. He took that–what Brando considered to be a “personal attack” (give me a frikkin break you oversensitive sack of feelings)–and turned it into a tirade against all bloggers, explaining maniacally that bloggers are “what’s wrong with the world.” He said that the “Blogosphere is filled with nothing but hate.” He went on to call the blogger in questioncornpone” and said he “belonged in the bottom of a hole“–and he was screaming the entire time. Like a baby who wost his widdle bwanky. And it was an obviously tongue-in-cheek comment about the toupee, because there’s never been a toupee crafted that looked quite so much like a thin, furry banana combed over someone’s head.

The blogger pointed out that it was tongue-in-cheek, too, and Brando, in all his superiority, proclaimed (screamed) that he knew that–“Don’t you think I know that?!”–but refused to back down or apologize for his extremely personal and vicious attacks against the blogger.

In Brando’s mind, for anyone to have an opinion and write that opinion down in a public forum or broadcast that opinion over the airwaves, they must have a degree from a reputable journalism school. Like his degree in Television/Radio Management from Northeast Louisiana University. (I suppose if you don’t have a degree from Culinard you shouldn’t be allowed to cook, either. Should a person who is mechanically competent be allowed to change my oil without a degree? Or maybe there are jobs that should be done by lower class people who have no degrees, and leave the better jobs to the upper class folk who do have degrees. Brando should disperse this list as soon as he can so we all know where we should be allowed to work.) He believes they should be accountable to a degree calculated by him for the words they speak or write. Which is fine, but correct me if I’m wrong here–didn’t the print media get started in this country by a scattering of individual entrepreneurs who bought their own printing press and began writing their own commentary and opinions for distribution? How many of those entrepreneurs had degrees in journalism? Would media exist today without properly educated, degreed people to keep it afloat? How is it possible that the media exists at all if the original writers had no degrees in journalism or television management?

What you have here is a classic case of classism. Brando, blessed as he was with the resources to continue his education beyond high school and attend Podunk U, has decided that he’s better than those of us who didn’t have the same opportunity. Those of us who, like me, went to war for our country instead, because we lacked those resources for school, and learned a trade in the military to help us succeed in life. He believes he is of a better class of people than me.

I know an old man who lives down the road from me who never went to Agricultural school, and yet has run a successful cattle farm for over fifty years. One day a doctor from Birmingham was visiting the farm with his wife and two daughters. They were considering buying the farm (which wasn’t for sale) to build a house on. He had gotten so far into the process that he was walking around in a hay field trying to decide if the house should face this way or that way. Soon enough, the old man–who I worked for at the time–grabbed the doctor by the shirt collar and dragged him a good five feet away from where he was standing. The doctor screamed and flailed his arms, protesting like a child being dragged by his ear to the wood pile. The doctor shook his fist at the old man and yelled at him once he had his feet back under him, and stormed away, his wife and daughters in tow. The old man just shook his head and chuckled, then walked over and kicked the top off of the ant bed that had a distinct wing tip shoe impression buried right in the middle of it.

Point being: there are varying levels of intelligence and varying levels of expertise. If you think you’re better than everyone else because of your degree, then you are the one who is woefully incompetent. Truthfully, I would have considered your 30 years experience in your field a much more significant accomplishment and a better gauge of your expertise than the degree you got at Podunk U. But maybe that’s just me. My point is this: be careful, Tim, not to flaunt your superiority too often, or it’s possible no one will help you when you step into an ant bed.

You wailed at one point that the blogosphere was “filled with nothing but hate” and that’s as ignorant a statement as was spoken all day long. Spoken like a true uneducated dullard.

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