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Mark Ingram Alabama Crimson TideMark Ingram is no longer a Heisman hopeful. He’s the 75th winner of the most hallowed individual trophy in all of sport. Now all there is left to do is to bring home the crystal trophy of the BCS national championship. Some people talk about the “Heisman Slump,” wondering if it’ll affect Mark’s play in the BCS championship game against the Longhorns, but it doesn’t really matter if it does. Trent Richardson guarantees it.

Joe Namath. Kenny Stabler. Cornelius Bennett. Bart Starr. Lee Roy Jordan. Don Hutson. John Hannah. Derrick Thomas. Ozzie Newsome. Shaun Alexander.

Is Mark Ingram, the 19-year old from Flint, Michigan, the greatest football player in the history of Alabama football? Is he even the greatest running back? Well, possibly, but with a tradition as rich as ‘Bama’s it’ll take a bit more time to tell. Regardless, one thing is for certain: he was the most outstanding player in college football in 2009. It is amazing that Alabama, with 12 national championships to their credit and 96 first-team All-Americans, the team that dominated the decade of the 70s, has no Heisman winner in their history before 2009. Now let’s add that thirteenth championship ring and this might be the best year ever.

Now I’ve got to make the trip back down to T-Town so I can visit the Bryant Museum again. I want to see it for myself. Maybe touch it. It’s comforting just to know it’ll soon be there, a mere fifty miles away.

Well done, Mark.

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Checking the ESPN program lineup for this afternoon and evening, I see:

1:00 – 2:30 PBA bowling
2:30 – 3:30 Bullriding
3:30 – 9:00 Figure Skating
At 9:00 there’s a 30 min SportsCenter, likely only 30 minutes because they still can’t talk about the Superbowl.
And then, at 9:30, NFL Primetime, the first opportunity for ESPN–the “World Sports Leader“–to discuss the Superbowl.

You can always tell when it’s Superbowl Sunday because there’s six straight hours of figure skating on ESPN.

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Lee Corso

The old man, who laughably refers to himself as “coach,” is has more personality than, say, Jim Donnan, which I guess is why he’s kept his job on Gameday as long as he has. But as for predictions, there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to Sunshine Scooter: If he give you a guarantee, such as he did last night for Ohio State and earlier in the season with Georgia vs. South Carolina, go against him and you’ll come much closer to a guaranteed win.

He’s good for comic relief, but as an analyst he’s a loser.

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Colin Cowturd

How I despise ESPN’s radio programming, and though they won’t give a turd, I am exercising my right to change the channel. There was a time when that’s about all I was listening to, and then Cowherd made the “Tornado Bait” comment and I was a little nonplussed, not really ticked off, but it was a thoughtless comment that he refused to retract, turd that he is. But then came the whole Alabama coaching search, and the turd showed his true colors, attacking Alabama for its fanbase’s high expectations, saying that Bama would “never” be able to hire a top-line coach. “Bama will never get a Spurrier or a Saban. The best they’ll get is Jim Grobe or Paul Johnson.” He absolutely howled with delight when Rich Rodriguez turned down Bama’s offer. And then, when finally the Fates smiled down upon Alabama Nation and they received a quality head coach, there was no contrite, “I was wrong.” There was no, “Well I guess it’s a better job than I thought.” No, there was only inflammatory malcontentedness. “Well, sure, if you’re going to pay that much for a coach I guess anybody would take the job!” was all he offered, once again proving to one and all that he is a turd.

Get this, Cowturd: Bama paid market value for the best coach in college football. Get over yourself.

That all happened in December ’06 and the following January, and I haven’t tuned to ESPN since, and I won’t again, until the turd is pushed back down to AM where he belongs, peddling male sexual enhancers to Portland truckers and raving about how the Seahawks should send Shaun Alexander back to Alabama. One thing’s for certain, if the turd gets wind of this post he’ll wail about how lame bloggers are and how superior he is (compensating), I’ve heard it all before: the man has nothing constructive to offer but prattle and banter.

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