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Tiger: Mentally Tough

This is a moving testimony by Earl Woods as to the mental toughness of his son, Tiger. From a Nike commercial, no less.

 I said, “Tiger, I promise you that you’ll never meet another person as mentally tough as you in your entire life. And he hasn’t; and he never will.”

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Kenny Stabler was arrested for DUI last night in Robertsdale. I’ve heard the rumors that Jay Barker would be replacing him as color commentator for Crimson Tide football games, a rumor that Jay Barker has denied on his morning talk radio show, and word’s been that Kenny has been none too happy about that rumor, either.

Well, Kenny’s mistake last night will make it very easy for Alabama to fire him, if in fact that is what they want to do, and make a move for Barker. Before last night, even if they’d wanted much-beloved Barker in the booth, firing Stabler would have been a tough move. As beloved as Jay Barker is, so too is the Snake. But by climbing into that car last night in Robertsdale, Kenny’s almost given permission to Alabama to fire him. If Alabama does fire him, there won’t be any uproar by the fans as there could have been, now the fans will just be waiting with anticipation to hear that Jay Barker will be hired to fill the post.

Not that Kenny Stabler won’t still be much-beloved in the state of Alabama. He always will be, but he’s also dug his own grave, so to speak, by driving under the influence of alcohol.

Long live the Snake. Cheers.

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Great post over at the BamaReport:

To be face to face with Bobby Petrino is to stare into the eyes of the murderous cyborg sent from the future to rip your heart from your chest. The weapons you need to stop him won’t be invented for another half century. If the eyes truly are the windows to the soul, then Petrino has long since blackened his over. Like those on a sandwich joint that will be converted into a video poker hall or truckers-only strip club once the local economy tanks.

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