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Throwback Golf

KnickersI like throwback themes in sports. Baseball and the NFL do throwback days with a lot of success, and I recently proposed that Nascar do the same. Just paint up some old cars with the new paint schemes and let them go at it once or twice per year. Well, now I’d also like to propose the same to the PGA: they could wear Houndstooth socks and knickers and those flat hats with the poofball on top of it. Just go all out, make Jesper Parnevic envious. And: use only clubs from that specific era. Wooden clubs with wooden shafts, none of this titanium and graphite we’re seeing today. Just for fun, y’know?

Picture by Michael Going

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TBS: You are dead to me

After 30 years of Braves games, TBS shits on Ted Turner’s head.

For all you kids out there who think Mark Cuban is just the coolest, do a little reading on Ted Turner, the original Maverick. No wonder MLB is no longer the national pastime (if you need to ask, football has officially replaced it); with owners such as Liberty Media buying teams as a tax writeoff. Ted put the Braves on national television, made them popular nationwide and made them world champions. But then he sold his business, and since then he’s had to endure the slow crumble of everything he’d built into so much corporate bureaucracy. A good thing has turned ugly. Goodbye, Braves. So long, national pastime. And goodbye TBS.

Hellooooooo, football!

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Brett Favre Comeback?

To all the ESPN “experts” who said there was no way he would come back, that he was done: well, I told you so.

Favre, 38, has yet to give written notice of his retirement to the league or players’ union.


Citing NFL sources, the Times reported Thursday that Favre has been quietly talking with teams about their interest in trading for the three-time NFL Most Valuable Player.

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